Post One Title The Raw Outlook Pattern

Ever wonder how the clothes you're wearing right now became clothes?

After the design is decided, drafting begins!

That's right, the shirt on your back right now started from lines on a piece of paper.

The picture above is actually a completed pattern for a top and it contains 12 pieces. I've created other patterns for other projects that had more than 25 pieces. That's a lot of cutting! And the cutting process alone (done by hand, I might add) can take several hours.

But don't think big companies do this, because they don't. They do all the drafting on a computer and a huge cutting machine cuts through hundreds of layers of fabric.

Also, every time your favourite brand comes out with a new design...it's technically not new. They have actually taken the old block or sloper (which is the base pattern) and tweaked it. Ever notice that you buy only one style of jeans because it always fits the same? It's because it came from the same pattern which they have updated for the new season.

Now that I have let you in on a little industry secret, I hope you'll return to see what my pattern will look like for my dress design!

Until next time!